Why Conduct Employment Exams?

Organizations are increasingly adding employment exams to their occupational health programs. Employment exams, which can be performed prior to job offer, if there are physical requirements or post-offer. These exams help employers ensure potential employees can perform the essential functions of the positions for which they are hired and whether a reasonable accommodation may be made for otherwise qualified applicants.

An employee who is unable to perform the physical demands of his or her position may pose a risk of injury to themselves, their co-workers, and the public. Conducting employment exams helps promote work-place safety by assessing whether the job will put the employee or others at risk of injury.

If an employee cannot perform the essential functions of their job duties and reasonable accommodation cannot be made, the employer can legally refuse to hire the person for that specific job. However, if a qualified applicant can perform the essential functions of another available position (with or without reasonable accommodation), that position may be offered.

CCOH Employment Exam can help you:

  • Determine whether employees are medically and physically able to perform the required job duties of their positions.
  • Establish a medical baseline for employees at their date of hire in accordance with the applicable regulatory agency.
  • Perform periodic physical examinations, as required for compliance.

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