Americans are smoking more weed, but drug screen results positive less often

There’s a peculiar thing happening in the world of marijuana users and drug screens. The percentage of US workers testing positive for marijuana has fallen below 2%, according to an analysis released by American medical testing company Quest Diagnostics. The study, based on a scan of millions of patients tested as part of the company’s drug monitoring service, shows a marked decline in positive testing over the past 10 years—back in 2002, just under 3% of US workers tested positive for marijuana.

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Employers – are you making the most of occupational health?

Doctors who specialize in occupational health will have had further training in occupational medicine. But, given that help from certified occupational health practitioners can be hard to find, employers may be failing to get the most out of their physicians because they do not properly understand the regulatory framework in which doctors are required to operate or, fail to impart the right information to enable meaningful health advice to be given.

Occupational health advice may be needed…

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A Standard Of Proficiency In Drug Screening

The Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR 40) and general industry consensus has determined the need for a program providing collection personnel with the training to become proficient in urine specimen collection for drug testing in the work place. Such a program will aim to ensure that the collection is performed in a professional and consistent manner, maintaining confidentiality for the donor and security, integrity and control of the specimen.

The diversity of collection sites and employer needs require that a program used to train and certify collection personnel be adaptable to fit the specific requirements of each facility or company and provide consistency and competency throughout the industry. This course provides participants with sufficient resources and teaching tools so that they can develop a program and effectively train their collection personnel for DATIA certification.

Visit DATIA to learn more about how to become a certified collector.

Visit our partner Low Country Drug Screening to have drug screens performed by certified testers and visit Carolina Center for Occupational Health for your comprehensive workers’ compensation needs.

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