Injury Care

CCOH offers quality same-day medical care for minor injuries and acute illnesses along with workers' compensation services and affordable urgent care exams.

Nobody plans for an injury or sudden illness. That's why injury care is such an integral part of occupational health, and the Carolina Center for Occupational Health is ready to respond to your needs whenever they arise. For employees and their families, as well as employers, injury or acute illness can be stressful. But with the injury care specialists at CCOH, you can rest easy thanks to our expert, individualized care, thorough follow-up services, and decades of experience helping clients successfully navigate workers' compensation. Our targeted examinations and treatment, as well as simplified workers' comp process, ensure that both you and your employee can get back to business in a timely manner without the stress of repetitive consultations or prolonged downtime.

At the Carolina Center for Occupational Health, we are proud to offer care for non-life-threatening injuries or illnesses at a great value. In fact, a visit to our injury care specialists for needs such as lacerations, sprains, bruises, cold and flu symptoms, and more can often cost significantly less than a trip to the emergency department. We have a convenient selection of laboratory and x-ray services available for rapid, accurate diagnosis and treatment to help patients get in-and-out and feeling better faster. Our injury care services often offer same-day appointments for minor injuries or acute illnesses, enabling employees to receive care and treatment right away. And in the event a referral is needed, our doctors and providers communicate promptly with specialists to avoid tying up our patients in lengthy processes to help both you and your employees save time, money, and energy.

Our providers understand that injuries or illnesses on the job are stressful for both an employer and an employee. And with millions of worksite injuries occurring every year, we at CCOH know the value of an urgent care partner who understands your organizational needs as well as the needs of your staff. That's why we're invested in helping both you and your workforce navigate workers' compensation.We take the guesswork out of workers' comp and provide services such as evaluations, stabilizations, screenings for drugs and alcohol, return-to-work evaluations, referrals, and more. We are committed to providing the best experience for both employers and their staff through exceptional care and rigorous compliance with state and federal regulations.

Minor injuries and illnesses are stressful enough - but we believe that finding great, affordable, and timely medical care shouldn't be. Our effective urgent care is complemented by our commitment to timely and appropriate follow-up for both the employee and the employer, including accurate and thorough management of workers' compensation cases and billing. Determining the best course of action or treatment, if appropriate, along with prompt communication and accurate regulatory compliance, is our priority.