Other Services


Explore comprehensive occupational health services by the Carolina Center for Occupational Health from drug screening to specialist services and more.

The lifeblood of an organization is its employees, and the health and safety of your workforce matters. That's why we at the Carolina Center for Occupational Health provide a variety of ancillary services aimed at supporting and maintaining the health of your workforce. Our expert providers at CCOH are proud to offer drug screenings, physical therapy, radiology, laboratory services, ENT, and cardiology. We are proud to partner with nationally-recognized experts throughout the Charleston region to bring you and your employees the best, most comprehensive care possible.

Drug Screening

Screening for drugs and alcohol is a critical service for employers at the time of a new hire and throughout an employee's tenure at their company. Drug screening services are essential to navigate workers compensation and incident management, and help to keep your workforce safe and productive. We provide all types of drug and alcohol screening exams and testing through our partnership with Low Country Drug Screening Services, which has been providing quality drug screenings in the Charleston region since 1993.

Physical Therapy

At CCOH, we are proud to offer quality physical therapy services through our partnership with Island Physical Therapy. The talented physical therapists and providers at Island PT leverage their backgrounds in exercise science, rehabilitation, and nutrition to offer state-of-the-art services such as gait training, balance therapy, electric stimulation, soft and deep tissue mobilization, iontophoresis, and much more. Performing with limitations can be frustrating, which is why we want to help your employees realize and regain their full physical potential as quickly as possible.

Radiology and Laboratory Services

We believe in offering a comprehensive suite of services to our employers to prevent extended downtime from long referrals or waiting for exams or tests. This is why we at CCOH have partnered with Tri-County Radiology along with the nationally-certified laboratory providers at LabCorp and Quest to bring you and your workforce convenient and complete radiology and laboratory services. Whether an employee needs an x-ray, ultrasound, or blood work, our convenient services help you to move forward quickly through regulated exams, workers' comp, medical treatments, or follow-ups.

ENT Services

A common issue plaguing employers is long wait times for referrals to specialists when their employees need medical treatment. One very common referral is for ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) services, which is why we at CCOH have partnered with Low Country ENT. The nationally-recognized specialists at Low Country ENT have been serving Charleston-area patients for decades with hearing aids, balance treatments, head and neck surgery, and more.


Beyond our primary and family health services, we at CCOH believe in going the extra mile for your employees. This is why we offer not only cardiac health screenings and risk assessments, but also in-house access to the specialists at Low country Cardiology Associates. A nationally-recognized cardiology practice, the specialists at Low country work closely with our providers to provide exceptional cardiology care for your employees to keep your workforce healthy and productive.

From drug and alcohol screening to medical specialties, CCOH supports its employers through a variety of services to keep you and your employees going. All of our providers are experienced in navigating workers' comp as well as requirements from OSHA and state and federal entities, and we take the guesswork out of complex regulated processes. Our services are built to support the employee while empowering the employer through a responsive, efficient system that helps you keep your organization rolling.