Explore our comprehensive employment physical examination services, including pre-employment physicals, DOT exams, drug and alcohol screening, and more

There are a variety of physical exams that can help an organization support the best health of its employees, make accurate placement decisions, and lower costs. The Carolina Center for Occupational Health offers a number of physical exams that respond to the needs of employers. At CCOH, we are a trusted provider for state and federally-regulated employment examinations. We are proud to provide National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) exams and FBI physicals. All of our providers are licensed DOT Certified Examiners, and are listed in the National Registry of Certified National Examiners (NRCME).

We understand that employees starting a new position or returning from a leave of absence require prompt screenings and clearance for work, and that employers depend on prompt processing of clearance examinations. Long wait times for physical exams can cost time and money for employers and their workforce, and affect how quickly an employee can begin or return to work. Post-offer testing such as drug and alcohol screenings can further delay productivity, which can become very costly to employers.

Pre-Employment Physicals

One popular type of employment physical is pre-employment physicals, which are helpful tools for anemployer to make accurate and appropriate hiring decisions. These screenings help an employer todetermine whether or not an employee is fit and able to perform certain tasks, minimize long-term costs, and establish healthy foundations for their workforce. Depending on the needs of the employer and the nature of their industry, federal and local regulations may dictate certain requirements for pre-employment physical examinations.


Employees returning from a medical leave of absence may be required to pass a Fitness-for-Duty examination to confirm that they are healthy enough to return to work. CCOH supports employers through prompt and efficient Fit-for-Duty physicals so that neither you nor your employee experiences unnecessary downtime. Our board-certified occupational health physicians will ensure that an employee is able to perform their assigned tasks safely without risk to themselves or others, and promptly process required certifications while adhering to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and others.

DOT Physicals

Our providers at CCOH are also fully-equipped to offer DOT physicals for employees entering the transportation industry. With specific requirements set by both state and federal entities for such employees, including both mental and physical health parameters, we offer efficient and timely examinations for these employees so that you can minimize downtime and get right to business. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) may also require certain medical screenings for some employees, such as audiology, visual testing, or pulmonary examinations. Other exams may include respiratory screenings and drug or alcohol testing.

No matter your employment screening needs, CCOH is prepared to offer efficient and thorough examination services to support you and your workforce. Contact us today to learn about our full employment physical exam services, and discover how we can empower your workforce through fast, accurate screening.