The Carolina Center for Occupational Health offers a variety of vaccination services for your employees for a safe and healthy workplace.

Occupational health goes hand-in-hand with risk management and preventative care. Vaccinations are an essential part of preventative occupational medicine, particularly if your workforce is at-risk. The Carolina Center for Occupational Health offers comprehensive vaccination services to meet a variety of needs and regulations. Vaccinations include Hepatitis B, Meningitis, Tetanus, MMR, and flu and allergy shots among many others. Our expert providers offer not only vaccination services, but also patient education on minimizing exposure risk and maintaining safe workplace activities. We offer full vaccination services either at our Charleston location, or we can come to you. CCOH is proud to bring our complete vaccination services right to your workplace so you don't have to miss a beat.

There are a variety of scenarios which warrant vaccinations through a place of employment. Often, employers are required to provide vaccines to employees exposed to potentially infectious materials or blood. In other cases, organizations may provide vaccinations as a method of prevention to minimize the number of sick days and support the overall health of a workforce. Such an example is the provision of flu vaccines to your workforce, which protects employees from common strains of the contagious illness, which costs employers approximately $7 billion annually in sick days and lost productivity1, according toVaccine medical research.

CCOH is proud to offer no-nonsense vaccination services so that your employees can receive the preventative care they need quickly. Long wait times for vaccinations can be frustrating for both employers and their staff, and we at CCOH are sensitive to your time and that of your employees. For tests that require a timed interval, such asTB tests and readings, we offer hassle-free return exams so that you and your employees lose as little time as possible. Our providers offer the vaccination services your employees need, along with all required proof and certifications necessary, in a manner that is quick and efficient.

It's important to understand when and why your employees may need vaccinations, and CCOH is ready to help you adhere to any and all industry and regional requirements. Certain workplace environments and tasks may put some individuals more at risk for infection than others. For instance, travel to some countries for an employee may warrant a meningitis vaccine, while those who may be exposed to human blood require a Hepatitis B vaccine. Depending on the location and nature of employment, some regulations may require employee vaccinations. Travel, nature of work, and contact with others can all necessitate vaccinations for an employee. CCOH is committed to supporting the health of your employees through adherence to regional and regulatory requirements regarding vaccines.

Vaccinations protect not only your employees, but those with whom they work, and the greater public. Supporting your workforce through convenient vaccination services is an investment that reduces the number of sick days, minimizes downtime, and supports collective health. Contact us today to find out how we can serve your workforce through a variety of vaccination services that ensure quick, efficient, and effective coverage.